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Public Aquaria

What can we do for you

We provide on-site visits as well as telephone, email and virtual support to public aquariums, ornamental fish importers, zebrafish facilities, aquarium retailers and universities throughout the UK.

For all Public Aquaria, we offer: 

  • On-site consultation,

  • Virtual support

  • Training seminars

  • Disease prevention plans & Treatment plans

  • Importation of risk assessments

  • Pathology

Need an E-Consult? Sure, We got you.

We frequently receive requests to assist with public aquaria. Where a visit is not always possible, we are able to assist you with the use of an E-consult whereby we can arrange a suitable time to call you using Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp!


We are happy to work around your schedule and can happily take consults out-with normal working hours for no extra charge!  

Call us today

+447799 691422

Our veterinarians are dedicated to managing disease interactions, promoting optimal health and production in domestic and wild stocks, and protecting the aquatic environment and wild stocks. We are committed to promoting public health and socio-economic development through our work. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

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