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Aquatic Vets Limited, established in December 2021, is a veterinary practice specialising in fish medicine. Founded by Dr. Matthijs Metselaar, who has a deep passion for exotics and a strong interest in fish health since his early years in veterinary school. Aquatic Vets Limited offers a range of specialized medical services primarily focused on aquatic species.

The practice provides comprehensive veterinary care to various sectors, including aquaculture, public aquaria, and named veterinary services specialized for aquatic species. As the head of diagnostics, Dr. Sanne Metselaar-Dolieslager leads the diagnostic services, ensuring accurate and timely diagnoses for aquatic animals.

With a focus on evidence-based veterinary medicine, Aquatic Vets Limited remains at the forefront of advancements in fish veterinary medicine. The practice continuously updates its knowledge through peer-reviewed papers, continuing professional development (CPD), and active participation in the development of board programs.

Aquatic Vets Limited operates remotely, collaborating with local teams and experts worldwide. The practice's pragmatic and individualized approach, combined with its commitment to evidence-based veterinary medicine, sets it apart from other veterinary practices in the field of fish medicine. As Aquatic Vets Limited expands globally, it aims to offer its expertise and services to aquaculture and public aquaria, further advancing fish health and welfare on a global scale.

Aquatic Vets Limited offers a wide array of services, including consultation, diagnostics, histopathology interpretation, and mentoring in aquatic health management. The team's diagnostic expertise is paramount in assessing and addressing fish health issues. Dr. Metselaar's board certification as an aquatic veterinarian, backed by 20 years of experience, and Dr. Dolieslager's strong knowledge of veterinary diagnostics, enable the practice to deliver exceptional care.

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Our veterinarians are dedicated to managing disease interactions, promoting optimal health and production in domestic and wild stocks, and protecting the aquatic environment and wild stocks. We are committed to promoting public health and socio-economic development through our work. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

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