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Named Vets for Research

What can we do for you

We can supply Veterinarians who work with animals in a research environment. They can work as the sole NVS or work alongside the lead NVS to provide aquatic advice only. Our Veterinarians who work in pharmaceutical and biomedical research firms develop, test, and supervise the production of drugs, chemicals, and biological products, such as antibiotics and vaccines for human and animal use.


In corporate research facilities, our veterinarians provide daily medical care to the aquatic animals involved in research, ensure that they are properly and humanely cared for, and use their expertise to improve techniques..


Our vets can visit research laboratories to ensure that the treatment of the lab animals adheres to the laws designed to protect the lab animals.

What does this mean for you?

An NVS or Named Veterinary Surgeon is a qualified and registered veterinarian who is designated to provide advice on the welfare and treatment of animals kept at an establishment. Veterinarians working in research aim to discover improved methods for preventing, diagnosing, and treating animal and human health issues. Aquatic vets can provide full NVS services or a more tailored service to suit your needs. Aquatics Vets does however only supply NVS services for aquatic species. Bird, mammalian and other services are not within our expertise but we can link you to parties that do. If we don't know we know who knows. 

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Our veterinarians are dedicated to managing disease interactions, promoting optimal health and production in domestic and wild stocks, and protecting the aquatic environment and wild stocks. We are committed to promoting public health and socio-economic development through our work. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

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